Our Curriculum

At Gwaunmeisgyn Primary, we are very proud of our exciting curriculum which engages learners from the very start of their education. We put learning and teaching at the heart of everything we do in Gwaunmeisgyn and believe in our mission statement of:


We have created a curriculum which has been developed by the learners at every stage. We call it our 'Growing Minds' - GM curriculum and it has our learners' ideas and interests at it's heart

Our new topic Animal Magic will focus on developing learners Expressive Arts skills. Expressive Arts is made up of 5 elements- Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Film and Digital Media. The topic has been designed to be carried out as a whole school. Each class has decided on a theme which they will focus on within Animal Magic. The main focus for the topic will be Art but each of the other elements will also be covered.

The topic will be launched with an immersion day where pupils will be invited to dress as an animal and the whole school will watch an animal show over the course of a day and a half.

At the end of the topic there will be a landing, each class will display one piece of work for each learner in a virtual art gallery as a celebration of work carried out during the project, this will be shared to the wider community. The AOLE leader will also create a video to be hosted on YouTube with extra clips and stills of work completed across the school.

Expressive Arts