Our Governors

Our School Governors

  • LEA Governors Miss Lisa Kidner, Mrs C Jones, Mrs C Norris, Mrs J Evans

  • Community Governors Mrs H Letman, Mrs A Fraser, Mrs A Prys Evans, Mrs M Chadley

  • Parent Governors Mrs J Baldock, Mrs R Colcomb, Mrs K Nash, Mrs J Clark, Mrs S Bryett

  • Minor Authority Mr S Trask

  • Teacher Governors Mr M O'Brien, Mr P Tampsett

  • Staff Mr P Jones

  • Headteacher Mr A Llewellyn

Governor class links 2020/21

  • Dosbarth Enfys Meithrin (Nursery)

  • Dosbarth Enfys Derbynfa (Reception)

  • Dosbarth Aur (Rec/Year 1)

  • Dosbarth Coch (Year 1/2)

  • Dosbarth Gwyn (Year 2)

  • Dosbarth Pinc (Year 3)

  • Dosbarth Arian (Year 3/4)

  • Dosbarth Oren (Year 4/5)

  • Dosbarth Gwyrdd (Year 5/6)

  • Dosbarth Glas (Year 6)

  • Dosbarth Melyn (FP CLD)

  • Dosbarth Porffor (KS2 CLD)

Area of Learning Experience Links

  • Numeracy Andrea Fraser & Lisa Kidner

  • Language, Literacy and Communication Andrea Fraser & Sarah Bryett

  • Science and Technology Sam Trask & Hayley Letman

  • Expressive Arts Claire Norris & Joanne Baldock

  • Humanities Carolyn Jones & Kelly Nash

  • Health and Wellbeing Joanne Clark & Rachael Colcomb

Governor page coming soon.