Science and Technology AOLE

To Infinity and Beyond


Our topic To Infinity and Beyond focussed on developing learners Science and Technology skills. Science and Technology is made up of 3 elements- Science, Design Technology and Computer Science. The topic was carried out by the whole school. Each class decided on an enquiry to focus on within the theme of Space. The main focus for the topic was Science but each of the other elements were also covered.

Let's Celebrate!

We are pleased to share our To Infinity and Beyond class learning videos.. These are a celebration of the work completed in each class.

Dosbarth Enfys Nursery.MOV
Dosbarth Enfys Reception.mp4
Dosbarth Melyn Science, DCF &
Dosabrth Melyn Mrs
Dosbarth Aur.mp4
Dosbarth Gwyn
Dosbarth Pinc
Dosbarth Porffor.MOV
Dosbarth Arian
Dosbarth Oren.MOV
Dosbarth Gwyrdd.MOV
Year 6 To infinity and beyond landing video